Paintings & Prints.
Portrait of Chancellor as a hotdog with empanadas | Woodblock print on paper, 24x48in, 2023

Detail of installation “Let me show you how much I love you” | 2022 | Papier-mâché (wheat-paste, aluminum foil, newsprint, sand, milk paint, and acrylic paint), Paintings (oil paint on stained wood), Shelves (wood)
Portrait of Mogli in paradise | Oil on canvas, 36x48in, 2022
Portrait of Chancellor at rest | Oil & charcoal on loose linen, 15x19in, 2022

Golden Hour (¡~Gay Creatures~ Welcome!) | Oil on canvas, 48x60 in, 2021
The Endangered Jíbaro | Oil on canvas, 48x60 in, 2021
Angels tickle my toes at night | Oil on canvas, 48x36 in, 2021
Goat Sucker (The Artist con El Chupacabras) | Mixed-media: oil paint, oil pastel, acrylic paint, chalk, pencil, graphite, charcoal, hair, wood chips + sand on canvas, 64x84 in, 2021 | Public collection of Louisiana State University College of Art & Design

apt. Q3. 1 | Oil on canvas, 30x24in, 2020 | Private collection of Arlyn + John Edmonson
la sala, no sale. | Oil on canvas, 36x48in, 2020
Portrait of Father with ice cream cone | Oil on canvas, 18x24 in, 2020 | Private collection of Kelli Scott Kelley

se que, I told you "I love you". | Mixed media on canvas, 24x24in, 2019
Viva Puerto Rico. | Mixed media on canvas, 36x40in, 2019
Un mes without you | Oil and pastel on canvas, 11x14in, 2019

unkempt | Mixed media on canvas, 62x62in, 2018
Shoulder-length scruff | Mixed media on canvas, 62x62in, 2018
Lank, loose & luxuriant | Mixed media on canvas, 40x40in, 2018

ombre | Oil on canvas, 24x24 in, 2017
The Kiss of Judas I | Oil on canvas, 24x24in. 2017